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Reducing risk and running costs for YOUR business

Welcome to Green Penny, YOUR fleet training & assessment solution

  • Save at least 10% on fuel costs

  • Reduce the likelihood of your employees being involved in a crash

  • Reduce the risk of prosecution of your employees and your business

  • Reduce the administration burden on your business

  • Fleet training - Saving your business money

    Fleet driver training will save you money! Most drivers on the road do not use their vehicle in the most fuel efficient way. Fleet driver training gives individuals the knowledge of modern vehicles and how to ensure they perform at their most fuel efficient. Following fleet driver training with Green Penny, the average driver can expect to reduce fuel consumption by at least 10% - sometimes as much as 30%. Even at the minimum expected saving, you could be looking at a 10% saving on your fleet fuel bill. Also, drivers who drive in a more eco-friendly manner, find consumable items such as tyres and brakes last considerably longer.

    Fleet risk assessment and training can transform the safety and productivity of your fleet. Can you think of a reason you wouldn’t like to save money?

    Protection for your business, its directors and senior managers

    How would your business cope with a fatality among it’s drivers? What if one of your drivers seriously injured or killed someone else? It’s easy to think ‘this wont happen to us’. The reality? 1 in 3 accidents in the UK involve someone who is driving for work. In the 12 months leading up to June 2014, approximately 600 people were killed and 7500 people were seriously injured while driving for work. Since the introduction of The Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide Act 2007, it is easier for a company to be prosecuted in the event of a death of an employee or a death caused by an employee. If found guilty, companies can be issued with a significant fine (which is unlimited) as well as given a publicity order. Directors can he held personally liable for related offences – worst case directors could find themselves facing a prison sentence.

    Fleet training addresses risks directly with your drivers. Training is thought provoking and encourages drivers to take responsibility for their actions. Ask yourself if you are doing enough to protect your business?

    Reduced administration for your business

    Do you feel that constant changes in legislation are hard to keep up with? You'll be aware that keeping a record of everything from how often your drivers check their vehicles and when you last checked their driving licences can be a headache. Let us take away that burden by managing it on your behalf as part of a fleet risk assessment and training package.

    Fleet training isn't just about your drivers. We can assist your business in ensuring the overall running of your fleet is as productive as possible

    The risk to your business

    Driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do. A massive 150 people are killed or seriously injured every week while using the road for work purposes.

    In HSE’s guidelines ‘Driving for Work’, it states that “health and safety law applies to on the road work activities as to all work activities and the risks should be effectively managed within a health and safety system”.

    Employers must assess the risks involved in their employees’ use of the road while at work. They must also ensure they take reasonable steps to manage those risks. Simply passing responsibility onto the driver is not an option.

    Our experienced fleet risk assessors and trainers can help. We are based in Bedford, Bedfordshire however we have national coverage so are able to assist wherever your business is based in the UK. To discuss your company’s exact requirements please Contact us today!

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