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Fleet training

Fleet Driver Training

Fleet driver training can transform the safety and productivity of your fleet. Can you think of a reason you wouldn’t like to save money?

Fleet driver training will save you money! Most drivers on the road do not use their vehicle in the most fuel efficient way. Fleet driver training gives individuals the knowledge of modern vehicles and how to ensure they perform at their most fuel efficient. Following fleet driver training with Green Penny, the average driver can expect to reduce fuel consumption by at least 10% – sometimes as much as 30%. Even at the minimum expected saving, you could be looking at a 10% saving on your fleet fuel bill. Also, drivers who drive in a more eco-friendly manner, find consumable items such as tyres and brakes last considerably longer.

Taxi Driver Assessments

Some local authorities require that you pass a taxi driver test or assessment in order to drive a taxi or private hire vehicle. To find out if your local authority requires this please contact them directly. You should also check that we already work with your local authority to provide taxi driver assessments.
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Are you a local authority looking for an alternative to the DVSA Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Assessment?

Since the withdrawal of the DVSA taxi test many local authorities are struggling to meet demand for their new driver applicants and are looking for alternative arrangements. Green Penny can assist by providing an assessment service for applicants that meets the same strict requirements laid out by the DVSA.

Driving Instructor Development Courses

We are able to offer driving instructor development courses. We work in association with EXL Training & Development to offer their DVSA accredited Fleet Trainer course. See more…..Fleet trainer course

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