Benefits of fleet driver training

October 26th, 2013 Posted by All categories 0 thoughts on “Benefits of fleet driver training”

The benefits of fleet driver training for your company can be huge. Many companies fail to see the benefit of offering any kind of driver training to employees who drive as part of their job. After all, they have a driving licence so they must know how to drive, right? Unfortunately, this is a dangerous assumption to make. Would you give your employee an expensive piece of equipment capable of killing others if he/she made the slightest mistake without ensuring he/she is capable of using it first? Of course not – but if you are giving your employee a company car and not offering training that is exactly what you are doing!

Fleet training is not about teaching someone to drive. It is about identifying areas of an individual’s driving that are likely to cause a significant risk them themselves or others. Training is then offered to reduce the risk.

How will your company benefit from a carefully structured risk assessment and training programme?

1.   Protection for your business – In 2007 a new law was introduced (The Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide Act 2007). This act allows a company to be prosecuted in the event of a death of an employee or death caused by an employee – either way, it is now viewed that this death may have been indirectly caused by the company. If found guilty, companies can be issued with a large fine (which is unlimited), as well as given a publicity order. The simple solution is to provide the necessary training and keep detailed records of this. This will mean you are able to show you have done everything you can to reduce the risk of your employee becoming involved in an accident.

2.   Protection for directors – It can be viewed that directors, HR managers, Fleet/Transport Managers have the same duty of care towards employees as the company itself. As such, if it is felt that someone in one of the above positions has personally breached that duty of care, after the worst should happen, they could find themselves being prosecuted. Worst case, they could be facing a prison sentence.

3.   Your business will save money! – A better approach to driving leads to a better planned drive. A better planned drive leads to fuel savings. We are not talking a couple of pence here and there – it is realistic to expect the average driver to easily be able to use 10-30% less fuel following effective training. Imagine the difference a 10% fuel saving will make to your company. Not only that, but you will notice a reduction in wear and tear costs and insurance claims. Resale values/off hiring costs can also be positively affected by the driver taking more care.

4.   Better Image for your Company – Particularly important where your company name is displayed on your vehicles. If your drivers are taking risks this will be noticed by your customers – how does that impact on your business. Training will reduce the risks your drivers take.

Of course, training comes at a cost. But that cost is small compared to the benefits to your business. Green Penny are able to offer expert guidance to help your business achieve all the benefits mentioned above. Contact us to arrange a meeting so we can show you how. What have you got to lose?


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