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Driver Risk Assessments

How will driver risk assessments benefit your business?

Driver Risk Assessments: Your employees are important to your business. Without them, your business would probably not exist. So, it goes without saying that you want to keep them safe while in their workplace. If your employees drive as part of their role, their workplace extends to the vehicle they are using for this purpose. This could be a company owned or leased vehicle or the employee’s own vehicle – either way if the journey is a business journey, the vehicle is their workplace. Driver risk assessments are an important part of your driving for work policy.

Knowing they are safe in their workplace is important to you as you take your duty of care seriously – but how can you know they are safe when they may well be many miles away? The fact is, you don’t. But you can risk assess their practical driving ability and the vehicle itself to give you the peace of mind that while they are driving they are doing so safely.

Green Penny specialise in providing professional driver risk assessments on your drivers and vehicles so you can be confident in your drivers ability and their vehicle condition. As a result of our detailed risk assessment, we can highlight:

  • High risk areas relating to the driver’s driving ability & attitude to driving
  • High risk areas relating to the vehicle


After identifying these areas, we can then agree a training programme with you to reduce these risks to your business. Our team are made up of highly experienced driver trainers and therefore hold the relevant qualifications and experience to enable to them to accurately carry out this type of risk assessment.

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Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
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