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Following a detailed risk assessment, we can put together a training package to address risks that have been identified. Training will enable us to explore the risks with the driver and to agree where changes should be made. You will already have a full record of the risks that have been identified. Following training, you will have a full detailed report on progress made by the driver.

How will training benefit your business?

Our expert trainers encourage drivers to take responsibility for their actions during training. Your employees will be encouraged to explore the risks involved in driving and to take full responsibility for their own decisions. The end result is usually a more considered approach to driving which will, in turn, lead to:

    • Better awareness of risk leading to less likelihood of an accident occurring


    • A more relaxed driving style, leading to considerable fuel savings and less wear and tear on the vehicle


  • A more alert and productive driver

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Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

Taxi Driver Assessments

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