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Fleet Training & Taxi Assessment Provider

One third of road deaths and serious injuries involve individuals driving for work.  We provide fleet driver training and can work with people of all ages, experience and backgrounds. We focus on driver development, advanced driver training, road safety and fleet driver training.

Following our risk assessment and any remedial training, you can feel assured that your business will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved driving style leading to significantly improved fuel consumption – fuel costs could decrease by up to 30%
  • Decreased likelihood of accidents & traffic offences
  • Increased employee safety
  • Increased vehicle reliability
  • Lower wear and tear costs including minor damage, consumable items and resale value
  • Better protection for your business in the event of a crash – especially where this involves a fatality

What Green Penny Can Do

We can provide full risk assessments on your fleet. Following this we provide fleet driver training tailored the individual needs of the driver. We can provide advanced driver training, followed by comprehensive reports so you can easily demonstrate the duty of care you have shown towards your employees.
We can provide detailed checks on the following:
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Tailored Service

Our fleet driver training service is very different from others. We don’t have a ‘package’ to offer you that suits our needs better than yours. Instead we tailor our advanced driver training and fleet driver training service to your business and its people. Whether you require classroom training for all your drivers, in car training or a combination of both, we can assist. The structure of our fleet driver training is fully adaptable to suit your needs too.
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Choosing Green Penny will put you on the road to be a better driver.

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