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Some local authorities require that you take a taxi driver information course, in order to drive a taxi or private hire vehicle.

To find out if your local authority requires you to take a taxi driver information course please contact them directly. You should also check that we already work with your local authority to carry out a taxi driver information course on their behalf.


COVID-19 additional information

We are following and adhering to all government advice and guidance. If we need to cancel or rearrange your course or test for any reason, we will contact you. There is no need to contact us to confirm if your course or test is still going ahead. We are putting additional measures in place to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We advise all candidates to ensure you have washed your hands, used hand sanitiser, and wear a mask when attending the course or test.

Course and test fees:

Initial Course for Existing PHV & Hackney Carriage drivers including The Course test (full day 8:30 am to 5:45 pm) £120.00

Initial Course for New PHV & Hackney Carriage drivers including The Course test (full day 8:30 am to 5:45 pm) £120.00

Refresher Course for Existing PHV & Hackney Carriage drivers including The Course test (half day) £60.00

The Course Test (retest – 45 minutes) £18.00

The Geographical Knowledge Test ( this test is not included in course fee – 35 minutes) £18.00

What to bring

– Your driving licence

– If you have the old style (non-photocard) licence,
then you must also bring a valid passport

– Your booking confirmation email

English screening test

To attend and pass the course, you will need a reasonable understanding of spoken and written English language. If you do not, you may have difficulty completing the course and passing the test. Upon booking your place on a course, you will be sent login details for the mandatory screening service ( so that you can access the service prior to attending the course. We will then notify you about the level you have achieved. If you have any issues accessing the screening service, please give us a call and we can help you with the login process.

What to expect from the course

The course will provide you with all the relevant information, whether you are a new applicant or existing taxi driver, please ensure you book the appropriate type of course (Initial Course for NEW PHV & Hackney Carriage drivers or Initial Course for EXISTING PHV & Hackney Carriage drivers).

The course will cover:

  • Current legislation, rules, and regulations applicable to drivers
  • Expectations for customer service
  • Increasing drivers own awareness and how to ensure their own safety
  • How to report a crime and advising drivers how to deal with customer complaints
  • Relevant sections of Highway code
  • Disability and equality awareness
  • Safeguarding responsibilities
  • Payment and basic arithmetic


Once you have booked a course, you will be sent a digital copy of the course handbook. We strongly advise that you read the handbook prior to attending the course.

The Course Test

If you pass The Course Test (you will take the test at the end of the course). You will then receive your pass certificate by email, within 24 of taking the test. The information on your pass certificate cannot be amended once it has been issued. The information contained on your certificate must match the information shown on your driving licence.

If you fail The Course Test

If you do not pass the course test, you will be notified by email. You will then be contacted by us to arrange booking a retest (your first retest is included in the course fee, any subsequent retests must be paid for).

The Geographical Knowledge Test

If you pass both The Geographical Test and The Course Test on the same day as the course, you will receive a combined pass certificate by email, within 24 of taking the test. If you pass The Geographical Test on a different day to your course, you will receive a separate pass certificate for this.

If you fail The Geographical Knowledge Test

If you do not pass The Geographical Knowledge, you will be notified by email. You will then need book and pay for a retest. Please note: all Geographical Knowledge Tests must be paid for and are not included in the course fee.

As part of our Equal Opportunities Policy, we are committed to ensuring that there is no discrimination in the provision of our services. A reasonable adjustment can be given to someone who has a disability, medical condition or learning need that may affect them during the course, test or assessment. However, due to the nature of some of our services, a candidate must have the literacy skills to be able to read and understand any course, test or assessment material and any additional resources related to it.

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Amending or cancelling your course or test

You can easily amend or cancel your course once it has been booked. Please call us on 0330 1117230 or email to do this. Please ensure you give enough notice to amend or cancel – you must give at least 4 clear working days notice so that you don’t lose your fee (working days = Monday to Friday, not including bank holidays. 4 clear working days, does not include the day you inform us you would like to cancel or the date of the course).