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Improve the safety of your staff returning to work in hospitality.

Returning to work and continuing our way of life is a growing concern among many people in these difficult times. Give them the confidence that they are protected.

This course covers all elements provided in the COVID-19 Secure for Offices course plus the following content.

  • Working with customers
    Ensure your staff know best practices and are mindful of their working environment.
  • Handling goods
    Help your staff understand the importance of regularly cleaning touch points.
  • Handling money
    Encourage contactless forms of payment and know what to do when handling money is unavoidable.
  • POS
    Ensure your point-of-sale areas aren’t contaminated and avoid them becoming a regular touch point.
  • Managing queues
    Learn how to effectively manage queues inside and outside your premises while maintaining social distancing.
  • Table service & food delivery
    Keep staff and customers safe by implementing effective serving and delivery strategies.