Information for councils

Since the withdrawal of the DVSA taxi test many local authorities are struggling to meet demand for their new driver applicants and are looking for alternative taxi driver assessment arrangements.

Green Penny can assist by providing an assessment service for applicants that meets the same strict requirements laid out by the DVSA.

Assessment Process

Our taxi driver assessment process ensures that drivers are able to demonstrate:

  • that their eyesight meets the legal requirements
  • a safe standard of driving
  • a manoeuvre where they will be asked to turn their vehicle around to face the opposite direction
  • around 10 minutes of driving without being given turn-by-turn instructions
  • a stop at the side of the road as if a passenger is getting in or out their vehicle
  • knowledge on related questions, such as what to do if a passenger leaves property in their vehicle
  • their knowledge on questions from the Highway Code and identifying traffic signs and road markings
  • an emergency stop (they may be asked to carry this out)
driver with car keys PVPUHV9
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Where an enhanced assessment is required, the driver will also be assessed on their ability to:

  • safely load and unload a wheelchair in their vehicle
  • use the wheelchair brakes to secure and release it
  • fasten the seatbelts or safety harness
  • secure and wheel belts or clamps fitted to the vehicle

Where only a wheelchair assessment is required this can be arranged as a standalone assessment

All assessments are designed to match the assessments that were phased out by the DVSA during 2016, therefore ensuring that local authorities maintain the consistency they have experienced with the DVSA assessment. A certificate will be provided on completion of the assessment which will provide the local authority with the confirmation needed to meet their current requirements.

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