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Taxi Driving Assessments

Green Penny can assist councils by providing an assessment service for applicants that have similar requirements and criteria laid out by the DVSA. We offer three types of assessment:

Standard Taxi Assessment £88 Inc. VAT

Wheelchair Upgrade Assessment £29 Inc. VAT

Enhanced Assessment (Including Wheelchair Assessment) £97 Inc. VAT


Driving Assessment Process

Our taxi driver assessment process assesses that drivers are able to demonstrate:

  • That their eyesight meets the legal requirements.
  • A safe standard of driving.
  • A manoeuvre where they will be asked to turn their vehicle around to face the opposite direction.
  • Around 10 minutes of driving without being given turn-by-turn instructions.
  • A stop at the side of the road as if a passenger is getting in or out their vehicle.
  • Knowledge on related questions, such as what to do if a passenger leaves property in their vehicle.
  • Knowledge on questions from the Highway Code, including identifying traffic signs and road markings.
  • An emergency stop (they may be asked to carry this out at the assessor’s discretion).

Where an enhanced assessment is required, the driver will also be assessed on their ability to:

  • Safely load and unload a wheelchair in their vehicle.
  • Use the wheelchair brakes to secure and release it.
  • Fasten the seatbelts or safety harness.
  • Secure and wheel belts or clamps fitted to the vehicle.

Where only a wheelchair assessment is required this can be arranged as a standalone assessment

All assessments are designed to match the assessments that were phased out by the DVSA in 2016, therefore ensuring that local authorities maintain the consistency they have experienced with the DVSA assessment. A certificate will be provided on completion of an acceptable assessment standard which will provide the local authority with the confirmation needed to meet their current requirements.

Taxi Driver One-Day Training Course

The taxi driver course will provide new and existing drivers with all the relevant information required to carry out their role as a Hackney Carriage or PHV driver. The course will cover the following units (additional criteria can be included by request):

  • Current legislation, rules and regulations applicable to licensed drivers.
  • Customer service.
  • Increasing drivers awareness and how to ensure their own safety.
  • How to report crime and advising drivers how to deal with customer complaints.
  • Relevant sections of the Highway Code.
  • Disability and equality awareness.
  • Safeguarding responsibilities.
  • Payment and basic arithmetic.
  • The course is followed by a test of drivers’ knowledge from the course content.


Our trainer lead one-day course £130 Inc. VAT per driver.

Taxi Driver Remedial Training Course

Our Taxi Driver Remedial Training is designed to improve the driving skills and behaviour of new and existing taxi drivers (Hackney Carriage and PHV) applicants so they and their passengers are as safe as possible whilst on a journey.

As a fleet training provider working with over 65 UK councils, we understand the challenges that councils face in maintaining a high level of safety from their licenced drivers. We can help to improve the skills of your licence holders to reduce the level of accidents and complaints made against them. Our  trainer lead half-day course (3.5 hours) is £234 Inc. VAT per driver.

This is a 3.5 hour course which includes the following:

  • Driving licence and eyesight check.
  • Vehicle checks and legal requirements.
  • Short introductory presentation discussing skills based driving, covering; Cabology, eco driving and hazard perception, with an overview of risk management and driver responsibilities.
  • Where a driver has been referred to Green Penny by a particular council, further issues can be included (upon request from council) in relevant areas of the course.
  • 1 hour on road assessment including debrief and feedback.
  • 1.5 hours on road remedial training and coaching.
  • Final report, feedback and certificate of completion is issued to all candidates.
  • Final report is submitted to relevant council (with permission from driver for GDPR compliance).

Level 1 Award in Awareness of Safeguarding (RFQ)

The objective of this course is to enable existing and new taxi drivers to develop their understanding of how to safeguard and protect children, young people and vulnerable adults as well as how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child, young person or vulnerable adult has been abused.

This qualification is suitable for all persons and will provide an understanding of safeguarding which can be used in a workplace, activity group or any instance where a person comes into contact with children or adults at risk. The qualification provides learners with the knowledge to identify a safeguarding concern, record a disclosure and report to the appropriate person. The tutor lead course course is approx. 2.5 hours followed by a knowledge test (up to 30 minutes). The course fee is £40 Inc. VAT.

Passing the safeguarding course

At the end of the course, candidates will be asked to take a knowledge test based on the course content. If a candidate passes the knowledge test, they will receive a pass certificate by email, within 3 working days.

Failing the assessment

If a candidate does not pass, they will need to rebook, fill in our booking form and pay for the course again.

Disability Awareness Course

The objective of this course is to enable new and existing taxi drivers to develop their understanding of how to recognise and support customers with disability, understand relevant legislation and ensure customers receive a high level of service. The tutor lead course course is approx. 2.5 hours followed by a knowledge test (up to 30 minutes). The course fee is £40 Inc. VAT.